Process Optimization is Within Reach with This Automation Solution

When working with bars, billets, tubes, and similarly shaped parts, automatic bar feeders provide critical process optimization — they perform the same task every time in a consistent fashion.

Maintaining a steady flow of parts is a sure way to reach production goals and a necessity to meet consistent benchmarks measuring overall consistency. An automated parts feeder is essential to this and sets the stage for your entire line. If you have issues with feeding parts into the system at the start — inconsistency, mechanical failure, slow feed times, etc. — those issues impact the rest of the line and compound the loss of time and money throughout your manufacturing process.

Performance, consistency, and reliability are the most valuable traits for automation equipment. These machines need to be able to run all day, every day. Automatic bar feeders, for example, allow consistent, extended run times without a dedicated operator present. With such automation equipment present, operators can manage more processes at once — instead of overseeing manual feeding at one state, they can observe the automatic feeding at several.

The use of an automatic bar feeder is another step toward achieving lights out manufacturing — a manufacturing concept where, in theory, no lights or ventilation is needed due to fully automated processes.

Feeders are needed to introduce parts to the manufacturing process and come in many types. The size and configuration of your feeders should be based on the design and shape of your parts and account for your overall production goals. Below, we’ll examine some of the solutions Feedall Automation provides, customized to your specific requirements.

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Automatic Bar Feeders from Feedall

At Feedall, we offer the most advanced line of custom automation equipment available. As experts in the design and building of reliable, high-volume automation equipment, we produce a wide array of part feeding solutions in our role as a leading industrial automation company.

For example, our Auto Loaded Bar Feeders excel as automatic bar feeders. This feeder takes the need for hand-loading parts out of the equation and is able to orient parts naturally with the use of an elevator belt. This also prevents misoriented parts from being recirculated. Our line of automatic bar feeders is designed to gently handle parts and has mechanisms in place to obtain lower noise levels.

These feeders come with a rear-mounted accumulating chute outfitted with an automatic, air-operated part qualifying device and an automatic, air-operated escapement device. Parts exit the feeder one at a time to a conveyor system or the next production phase. The hopper stand accommodates a drop bottom tub — 36” wide by 47” long by 34” deep, or similar measurements — with an air-operated tilt base.

Like all Feedall equipment, our Auto Loaded Bar Feeders can be fitted with a host of additional tooling to add capabilities such as powered wheels, cross-feed conveyors, and part qualifiers and transfers.

View the Model 2236 | See It In Action

Feedall offers the 2200 line of automatic bar feeders in a range of sizes. Whereas the Model 2236 can handle billets bars up to 36” in length, Feedall is capable of providing feeders for bars up to 70” in length (Model 2270) as well.

For heavier, thicker billets and bars — those up to 6” in diameter — our heavy-duty billet feeders offer a larger-part version. These also prevent parts from falling back into the queue and do so without the use of vibration or gravity to manage the part orientation.

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Work with Feedall for Automatic Bar Feeders

When you work with Feedall, you’re not simply acquiring one part or system to add to your manufacturing processes. You are collaborating with a true partner that delivers complete automation systems that are seamlessly integrated throughout your production.

Your organization has specific needs, dictated by the size and scope of your facility and the parts you produce. At Feedall, we match your specific requirements with automation equipment designed to maximize efficiency and production. We find the custom solution for your particular situation, and then offer value-adding tooling to further tailor the equipment for your application.

Every piece of customized equipment not only matches your exact specifications and helps you reach production goals, but is also designed to last. With support services, part availability, and a best-in-class repair program, our equipment continues to deliver the same high performance year after year and is capable of providing decades of service. For instance, our repair service has refurbished several automatic bar feeders. These are available for purchase and backed like every other unit we produce.

With automation equipment covering everything from bulk material handling, conveying systems, robotic automation accessories, and more, Feedall helps you get the most out of your manufacturing operations. In a rapidly-changing and challenging world, we’re the partner that provides competitive advantages through automation.

Connect with us today to learn more about how we can automate and optimize your production facility.