About Us

Feedall Automation was founded in 1946 with the objective to help companies achieve higher rates of production.  Over the last 70 years, Feedall has developed the reputation of being pioneers and innovators of part feeding systems for industrial companies. With a growing list of patented technologies, Feedall is now the market leader aiming to revolutionize productivity and increase customer up-time in manufacturing operations across the globe.

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Our Company

Feedall Automation is an independent, family-owned company producing world-class automation equipment and engineered solutions which allow its customers to drive higher productivity and lower cost of ownership.  The company continues to build on its knowledge of mechanical engineering and manufacturing best practices.   Feedall uses modern manufacturing techniques to manufacture its engineered-to-order product lines and replacement parts.  Quality has been the focus for generations and has led to a portfolio of premium products.  In fact, some of the Feedall equipment in use today is well over 40 years old.  Today, Feedall offers to its customers: feeders, conveyors, tub dumpers, metering hoppers, part elevators, pick-and-place systems, bin picking solutions and custom automation.  Our customers hold us to a high standard and they include family owned businesses, multinationals, Fortune 500 companies, engineering companies and equipment contractors.

Interesting Facts

  • the company has built over 20,000 machines since its inception
  • more than 80% of our customers are repeat customers
  • the company can provide spare parts and maintenance for every machine built, back to 1946
  • only two families have owned the company


Jon Cocco is the owner & CEO of Feedall Automation and has a deep history serving industrial customers around the globe.  He is a proven entrepreneurial executive with more than 15 years of experience leading change at companies such as Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Veyance Technologies, Q Holdings and General Motors.  With his energy and depth of experience in engineering, operations and marketing, he has successfully led complex business turnarounds and accelerated sales to capitalize on the full potential of organizations.  Jon believes that the secret to building a successful and sustainable business is to assemble and motivate a talented team while delivering value to customers every day.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Appliance
  • Automotive & Heavy Truck
  • Bearings
  • Construction
  • Fluid Power
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Machine Tools & Processes
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Off-Road Equipment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Recreation Equipment
  • Refrigeration

Our Services

Feedall offers a variety of services from design to manufacturing and all steps in between:

  • Build to Print
    Your design, no problem. Feedall can quote to manufacture not only all the parts but the assembly as well. Saving you time and money while providing you with a final assembled product.
  • Replacement Parts
    Provide your feeder’s serial number and the parts you require and our sales staff will quickly provide a quote. If you are unable to identify what replacement parts you need we can provide you with a new maintenance manual for a nominal fee.
  • Evaluation
    If your existing unit is not performing as well as it should, a service call may be required. This will allow our staff to inspect the unit and provide recommendations on spare parts and other maintenance issues. These visits are offered at a discounted rate when parts are purchased as a result of the trip.
  • Installation and Training
    Assistance with installation and training of your staff can be done at your facility at a discounted rate on all new units. Training is also offered at no charge when conducted at Feedall’s facility.


Feedall’s engineering department is capable of creating a design that will meet your specific needs.

  • Partnership
    Engineers work closely with customers in order to fully understand the project requirements.
  • Customization
    Feedall’s standard unit designs may not always meet your needs. Our staff can modify our basic design model to feed your parts effectively.
  • Rebuild
    Older units can be evaluated and updated with new components. Add a fresh coat of paint to make your old feeder look like new.
  • Retool
    New tooling can be designed for existing units. If you have a new part you wish to feed just supply us a sample. Our engineers will evaluate your current equipment and design new tooling to accommodate your request.
  • Innovation
    Custom equipment and tooling can be created to meet your needs.

Fabrication Capabilities

Whether the project is your design or ours, Feedall has the manpower and equipment to meet your needs. Our staff has an average of 30 years experience with access to a variety of work centers making no job is too big or too small.

  • Machining
    With a full line of machining equipment and an experienced staff we can make any part to print.
  • Welding
    Our weld team can handle delicate welding of parts to large fabrications of hopper bases and stands.
  • Assembly
    Feedall assemblers can build anything to print, including electrical panels and pneumatic systems.

Our Team

Jon Cocco;
Jon Cocco – CEO/Owner

Jon is the owner & CEO of Feedall Automation and has a deep history serving industrial customers around the globe.  He has more than 15 years of experience leading change at companies such as Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Veyance Technologies, Q Holdings and General Motors.  Married with 2 daughters and a son, he enjoys coaching, mountain biking and restoring old cars.

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Roger Winslow, Jr. – President

Roger started at Feedall Automation in 1992 following in the footsteps of founders and family, Lewis R. Winslow and Reid T. Winslow. Roger’s interests include boating, golf and pickle ball.

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Randy Sparks;
Randy Sparks – Sales Manager

Randy started at Feedall Automation in 1994 working in project engineering, moved into sales engineering and is currently in sales management.  A graduate of Missouri Southern State University. Married with 5 daughters , Randy is a former minor leaguer for the Kansas City Royals, his interests include fishing, hunting & NASCAR.

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Thomas Manley – Engineering Manager

Thomas directs and designs the machine orders that come through Engineering. Thomas is a Part-Time Engineering instructor at Lakeland Community College and is the designer of 14-US Patents for various companies he has worked for. In his spare time, Thomas likes bicycling, bowling, golf, and scale model car building.

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Kyle Reese;
Kyle Reese – Sr. Engineering

Kyle has been with Feedall Automation for several years and is responsible for designing new equipment and tooling. Kyle has an extensive mechanical history with design and hands-on experience which help overcome the challenges faced when feeding parts. His interests include spending time with his wife and kids, golfing and building custom vehicles.

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Kelly Connolly;
Kelly Connolly – Supply Chain Manager

Kelly is a Graduate of Myers College and has been with Feedall Automation for 18 years. Kelly oversees supply chain management. Her hobbies include golf and target shooting. She is a member of a Girl and a Gun shooting league and Lake County Farmer’s Conservation Club.

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Jackie Nagle;
Jackie Nagle – Business Manager

Jackie has been with Feedall Automation since 1995.  During that time, she has filled many roles and currently manages both the finance and human resource functions.  In her spare time, Jackie enjoys spending time with her family, reading and hiking.

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