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Bar Feeders

Customized Bar Feeders for Any Production Challenge

Solving production and manufacturing problems is what we do at Feedall Automation. Among the many automation equipment solutions we offer is our collection of bar feeders — designed and engineered to meet the most complex part feeding needs. With more than 75 years of hands-on experience, our engineering team has the knowledge base into mechanical motion and detailed machine design to deliver part feeding solutions to remove the roadblocks to improved production. Robust in-house capabilities give us complete control over custom parts and features, and lead to premium shaft and bar feeders delivered on time and on budget.

Our Retriever line of bar feeders represent the sum of our capabilities in producing industrial automation equipment. From magazine and hopper loaded models to a wide range of styles designed to handle specific part weights and lengths, our bar feeders are built to last while addressing the specific requirements of your application. Many of our bar feeders are a perfect fit to feed robot-loaded CNC machining centers, but are equally applicable to a wide range of manufacturing processes and applications, including centerless grinding, end finishing, thread rolling, induction heating, assembly, and more.

Explore the comprehensive line of Retriever bar feeders below. View how they perform in our Video Library and discover more information about all things manufacturing in our free automation equipment resources section. For more insight, connect with our experts today.



Our standard magazine-style automatic bar feeders are optimized to work with critical secondary operations including robotic pick and place.



This magazine-loaded bar feeder efficiently presents small diameter or short length parts to key applications.



Using a floor-loaded hopper, this model feeds small cut-to-length bards, tubes, machined parts, and more.



Our most robust floor-loaded bar feeder, this unit is capable of handling the larger diameter and heavier bars and tubes.


Whether you want to learn more about one of our pieces of automation equipment or to discuss your application in search of a custom solution, we’re here to help. Connect with our team today, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.


38379 Pelton Road

Willoughby, Ohio 44094