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For Part Control and Precision, Trust Feedall

Conveyor systems are the lifeblood of any manufacturing facility, shuttling parts and finished products from one station to the next, and ensuring all the critical production processes have the parts they need — when they need them. With our long history in automation equipment, Feedall Automation has a comprehensive line of precision conveyors that provide the flexibility and part control for precise manufacturing processes.

With the Pointer line of precision conveyors, Feedall offers a wide array of conveyor solutions that can be tailored to your specific application or need. Our infeed belt conveyors feature different belt styles and types for further customization needs. Feedall also offers vibratory feeders that have a broad application scope due to their versatility and simplicity. When more part orientation is needed, our v-track vibratory conveyors deliver part transportation with a focus on part presentation. Our high-quality craftsmanship dictates our precision conveyors are built to run all day, every day, to empower ‘lights off’ manufacturing.

Our Pointer belt conveyors also come with belting options.

  • Silent Chain — A standard option that comes with 1 and 2-inch dimensions and typically used with the Pointer 1650 and its variable speed drive that operates up to 50 FPM.
  • Polyurethane Timing — This belting is typically used when a softer touch is needed for non-marring applications.
  • Roller Chain — For more rugged performance, this belting was built to serve demanding applications such as forging and induction hardening.

Explore the Pointer collection of precision conveyors below. You can see these and many of our other automation solutions in action in our Video Library. For a deeper dive into automation, including free downloads, visit our automation equipment resources page. Please reach out at any time if you need to consult with our automation experts about your next project.



These flat belt conveyors provide entrance, intermediate, and exit capabilities for a wide variety of machine tools and processes with just the right part push.



This dual round belt conveyor is ideal for transferring cylindrical parts when precise lateral location of the part is critical.



Reliable and effective, our vibratory conveyors are low profile, available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and the flatbed design makes them easy to mount.



Our V-track vibratory conveyors have a ‘V’ shape to cradle and better control of the parts. Ideal for moving round parts of any size.


Whether you want to learn more about one of our pieces of automation equipment or to discuss your application in search of a custom solution, we’re here to help. Connect with our team today, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.


38379 Pelton Road

Willoughby, Ohio 44094