Efficient and Value-Adding Solutions Key as Production Rebound Continues

Automated part feeding devices are essential components to ensure the best production and efficiency possible from any manufacturing facility. Finding ways to optimize processes should be top of mind for any manufacturer as the sector has been roaring back after the pandemic-caused recession in 2020.

Manufacturing in the United States is still riding an extended rebound as companies have continually found ways to add workers as consumer demand for products remains high. At the onset of the pandemic, American manufacturers cut roughly 1.36 million jobs from February through April 2020. However, as of August 2022, manufacturers have added back around 1.43 million jobs, a net gain over pre-pandemic levels.

As global supply chains cracked under the strain caused by the pandemic, many companies explored or expanded reshoring efforts. Federal stimulus spending programs helped fuel a shift in consumer buying habits — away from services like travel and restaurants — into more goods (like furniture, appliances, and cars). Factory production for many industries had to ramp back up to meet demand.

While the news of more factory jobs is good, it doesn’t account for the struggles that many companies are still facing in finding enough labor to meet the increased production demands. Automation solutions are still needed to increase productivity and efficiency, and automated part feeding devices ensure that your lines remain operating smoothly and at optimal rates.

Keep It Moving with Feedall: Centerless grinding automation increases efficiency with feeders and conveyors designed to serve one of the oldest machining processes.

Automated Part Feeding Devices by Feedall

Feedall is an industrial automation company with more than 70 years of experience in delivering high-quality and dependable solutions that drive manufacturing processes. We make the equipment that enables our customers to efficiently make the parts and products that power their business.

With a wide variety of automation solutions, we have the ability to customize each piece of machinery to the specifications of your application, task, or part. Whether you’re queueing up parts for a collaborative robot cell, lining up a consistent rate of parts for CNC machining, or designing a light’s out manufacturing facility, Feedall works with you to find the equipment that fits into your specific environment.

When it comes to automated part feeding devices, Feedall has many solutions depending on your requirements. We’ve highlighted two such products below. Contact us at any time to get more information or inquire about our full range of capabilities.

Random Loaded Parts Feeders

Feedall’s random loaded small parts feeders are designed to feed sliding, hanging, or rolling-headed parts with diameter ranges within a 2:1 ratio. Using an elevator system featuring our proprietary custom cleats designed for specific-sized parts, these feeders lift parts to gravity-fed chutes with orienting mechanisms to provide a continuous flow of parts for the next stage of production.

These feeders can quickly change the parameters of the parts serviced with an easy-to-use, full-color touchscreen HMI. Parts are delivered according to your specifications with right- or left-hand, or two-track, delivery. Custom exit tooling, including extra-high discharge heights, is also available.

View the 2400 Model | See It In Action

Magazine Style Automatic Bar Feeders

Automated part feeding devices serve a critical role in supplementing — and maximizing your investment in — CNC machine tending cells. Automated feeders remove the delays for robotic cells by essentially increasing the part capacity used by most machine tending units.

For example, each entry in Feedall’s selection of Magazine Style Automatic Bar Feeders is capable of providing a consistent rate of new parts throughout an entire shift. With their magazine capacity, these feeders minimize handloading parts into secondary operations, enabling increased unattended run time at a decreased cost. As opposed to handloading another batch of parts when needed, these automatic bar feeders keep your CNC machine tending robot supplied throughout an entire shift or day. This frees personnel to oversee more cells or tackle other higher-value tasks.

Feedall’s Model 1700 feeder brings all the customized features needed to make it blend seamlessly into your production line. Capable of handling part diameters ranging from ¼ to 2 inches, and lengths between 2 and 28 inches, the Model 1700 has hand wheels for quick adjustments for length and diameter changes of the parts fed. With model options for smaller, or larger, parts, and conveyor system adaptability, our magazine-style bar feeders offer versatility and efficiency.

View the 1700-D Model | See It In Action

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Automated Part Feeding Devices You Can Count On

Since 1946, Feedall has earned its reputation as an automation expert by delivering reliable solutions across multiple markets that increase output and efficiency, while reducing operating costs. We have the expertise and experience to provide a competitive edge through automation in today’s challenging environment.

Feedall customizes every piece of equipment we offer to fit your exact specifications and production goals. And they’re all built to last. We provide spare parts and maintenance for every machine we make, all the way back to 1946, and back every piece of equipment with parts availability, support services, and a best-in-class repair program.

Connect with us today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can optimize your production facility with automated part feeding devices.