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Engineered Solutions

Custom Automation Equipment for Your Unique Applications

At Feedall Automation, we are experts in designing and building robotic automation tools as well as high-volume, high-speed part feeding and processing machines. Our experienced team has the knowledge and experience to revolutionize your manufacturing processes with the best available equipment, software, and technology for your specific application. This wealth of expertise also helps us design custom automation equipment solutions matched perfectly to application requirements.

We’re hands on in our approach and handle all the details in-house for our robotic automation tools and systems, from concept creation to manufacturing and final build. Over the last 75-plus years, Feedall has developed the reputation of being pioneers and innovators of part feeding systems for industrial companies. With a growing list of patented technologies, Feedall is now the market leader aiming to revolutionize productivity customer up-time.

Below, explore some of the custom automation equipment we’ve developed. You can also view some of these solutions—and many of our products—in our Video Library. Want to take a deeper dive? Free automation equipment resources are available here. Want to discuss custom equipment further? Reach out to our team at any time.

Smart Bin


Robotic bin picking presents a host of challenges. Feedall has developed a solution that alleviates some of the issues.

Part Orientation


Feedall provides a complete line of escapement solutions for handing parts off from one operation to another.



These load and accumulation tables route and hold parts for machine tending generating hours of unattended runtime.


Whether you want to learn more about one of our pieces of automation equipment or to discuss your application in search of a custom solution, we’re here to help. Connect with our team today, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.


38379 Pelton Road

Willoughby, Ohio 44094