Smooth out variable feed rates, protect finished parts, and more with this specialized component.

Accumulation tables, sometimes referred to as unscrambling tables, are no strangers to manufacturing environments. They’re often first thought of in relation to large consumer goods production facilities — such as pharmaceutical packaging or beverage bottling plants. But automation part accumulation tables serve a vital function in industrial manufacturing facilities as well. Billets and bars, finished parts with non-mar requirements, and more, can all benefit from their use.

Accumulation tables enable the collation and collection of parts and products from conveyor lines and packing areas. They can be used to create a buffer zone on a low-speed line or inline between operations with different feed rates or used to provide accumulation at the end of the production line.

Rotary accumulation tables provide much of the same functionality, in a smaller footprint, and are often used to unscramble products at various points in the conveyance or packing processes.

Accumulation tables have distinct strengths that are prized in certain environments.

  • Smooth production between processing centers, adjusting the speed of the line or providing sorting
  • Provide a staging area to buffer products for single file feeds downstream
  • Control the order of products through the accumulator to ensure proper spacing
  • Act as a holding area if a processing cell is down so that upstream processes aren’t impacted

Where You Might Use Accumulation Tables

Beyond those strengths, accumulation tables shine in some specific instances as well. If floor space is a concern or in short supply in your facility, accumulation tables can help efficiently use the space available or sync up different components of the line.

Complex shapes can be difficult to transport through production in an automated environment. Accumulation tables offer the space needed to accommodate tricky part geometry or more vertically oriented parts.

Lastly, if used to outfeed finished products, accumulation tables can house products that need special consideration before they’re packed and shipped. Items like camshafts and hydraulic cylinders with non-mar requirements can be safely buffered and eventually distributed in such a fashion.

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Accumulation Tables Customized by Feedall

Feedall Automation offers a diverse portfolio of customizable industrial automation equipment, including part feeders, conveyors, metering hoppers, part elevators, pick-and-place systems, bin-picking solutions, and more. We consult with every customer to find out their specific requirements, the parts they work with, and the environment and layout of their facility then address their unique needs with machinery that is designed to fit seamlessly with their goals.

Our accumulation tables are no exception. The Feedall Model 1900 accumulation table is easily adjustable to handle various part size ranges and can be outfitted with different mechanisms to enable more flexible conveying and queueing options.

  • Step Riser Station — This addition can accommodate different infeed and outfeed heights
  • Rotary Sensors — These precisely check part orientation, rotationally, to within your specification to ensure proper part facing down the line

These are just two of the many possible features that can be customized into our accumulation tables. They allow your parts to make it into the next stage of production safely and reliably presented.

Feedall’s Model 1900 is a perfect fit for gentle/non-mar feeding to housing a bank of parts. Polyurethane belts, non-marring sides, and PVC steps are part of the package to ensure finished parts are not adversely affected while accumulating. Capable of buffering 1-2 hours of parts, our accumulation tables allow your downstream operations to continue working at a fixed feed rate or act as a bridge between operations with variable feed rates.

The Feedall Model 1900R is a rotary accumulation table and comes with the same array of features, but covers a different-sized footprint.

Contact Feedall for more details about our accumulation tables and the full range of customization options available.

View the 1900 Model | See It In Action

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For Accumulation Tables, and More, Trust Feedall

Since 1946, Feedall Automation has built and honed its reputation as a pioneer and innovator of part feeding systems for industrial companies. As the leading automation equipment manufacturer, we’ve built more than 20,000 machines since our start and we’re proud to continue to provide maintenance and spare parts for every machine we’ve produced — going back more than 70 years.

At Feedall, we believe in acting as a true partner, working with you to learn every detail about your operation and then engineering solutions that drive higher productivity and a lower cost of ownership. We provide custom solutions for your goals and needs, and then offer value-adding tooling to further tailor the equipment for your applications.

From bulk material handling equipment to essential conveying systems and more, Feedall helps you get the most out of your manufacturing operations. Our equipment is built to last and comes backed with support services, part availability, and a best-in-class repair program.

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