Safeguard Against Downtime Setbacks

Automation has brought many advancements to production and saving time may be the most significant among them. However, without investing in automation repair services, manufacturers implementing these processes and systems will be more vulnerable than ever to losses and expenses that come with downtime.

Downtime is unavoidable in manufacturing and comes in two forms. Planned downtime is scheduled and typically accounted for in the price of goods. For example, a plant closes for inspections that were scheduled weeks ahead of time. A server is patched and rebooted on a regular basis. Machines are taken offline for routine maintenance.

But unplanned downtime is the enemy of every production environment. This is when key assemblies or processes are offline due to an equipment breakdown, or a shortage of raw materials, or a lack of available labor. Something has gone wrong and needs to be rectified quickly to get the manufacturing line operating again. These unplanned halts during production eat into the maximized hours in a workday and inevitably diminish optimized revenue.

These periods of unplanned downtime can negatively impact production standards. It’s estimated that practically every manufacturing facility loses at least 5% of its production, with surges up to as much as 20%, due to downtime. Many factories fail to properly calculate or estimate the Total Downtime Cost (TDC) of their facility by omitting some of many factors involved — such as all the startup cost, scrapped parts, band-aid cost for temporary fixes, tooling, new parts and shipping fees, and OEM consulting or contractor costs.

Calculating the real cost of and minimizing downtime in manufacturing are just as pivotal as maximizing output to maintaining contribution margins. It’s here where automation repair service partners shine. They can help cover maintenance, repairs, replacements, upgrades, and more. Having these services available means you’ll have the up-to-date industry knowledge to install prevention programs and 24/7 support for breakdowns and failures.

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Get a Complete Automation Repair Solution

Feedall Automation specializes in the engineering, manufacturing, and integration of cost-effective equipment in a variety of categories for use in a number of industries and applications. From simple fixtures and prototypes to high-speed assembly systems and lean equipment, each piece of Feedall equipment can come equipped with a UL-listed industrial control panel, machine vision system, or PC/PLC-based control solution — giving you the opportunity to begin customizing a response to downtime issues at the start.

Our comprehensive services and automation repair program will cover your equipment from ‘the cradle to the grave’ — and every step in between.


Our engineering department will create a design to meet your specific needs and will work closely with you to fully understand the project requirements. If a new Feedall unit isn’t what you are looking for, we can even refurbish and update your older units with new components or tooling for a new application.

You can even bring us your own design. Feedall can quote to manufacture not only all the parts but the assembly as well. Doing so will save you time and money while still providing you with a final assembled product.

Fabrication and Replacement

Whether the project is your own design or one of Feedall’s customized solutions, we have the experience and equipment to fabricate the desired automation equipment. With access to a variety of work centers and decades of experience at our disposal, no job is beyond our means.

Feedall is also your go-to source for replacement parts. Just provide your feeder’s serial number and the parts you require and our sales staff will quickly offer a quote. If you are unable to identify what replacement parts you need, we can also provide you with a new maintenance manual for a nominal fee.

Field Evaluation, Installation, and Training

If your existing feeder or other unit is not performing up to established standards, our service staff will inspect, evaluate, and provide recommendations on parts needed or other maintenance issues. Field evaluations are offered at a discounted rate when parts are purchased as a result.

Our automation repair service extends to the initial setup as well. Feedall can provide assistance with the installation and training of your workforce at your facility at a discounted rate on all new units. You can also take advantage of no-charge training conducted at Feedall’s facility.

Complete Project Management

With the aid of project management software (Liquid Planner), Feedall manages all aspects of our customer orders from initial design through shipment. We’ll provide real-time updates to give you confidence in our ability to meet delivery expectations.

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Ready for a Proven Automation Repair Partner?

There’s never a good time for an emergency, and in manufacturing that means unplanned downtime. Even with the best intentions and a great maintenance plan, you’ll eventually experience a failure. At that point, you’ll want a trusted and dependable automation repair partner with services designed to get you up and running, quickly.

At Feedall, our experienced team has the knowledge and experience to revolutionize your manufacturing processes with the best available equipment, software, and technology for your specific application. We back all of this with dedication to following up and top-notch service.

As experts in industrial automation solutions with more than 70 years of delivering success, we’re the partner your business needs to gain a competitive advantage in today’s challenging world.

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and feeder models.