Save the Dirty, Dangerous, and Dull for Automation

Virtually every production environment poses numerous risks to human workers. Heavy equipment moving swiftly has the potential to cause harm to anyone working around it that might not be paying close attention or following safety best practices. Not only are these environments potentially dangerous, but many of the tasks that workers would manually need to complete are also extremely dirty and, at times, dull. For these reasons, automated parts feeding solutions are a better alternative.

Safety isn’t the only consideration. Your human capital is one of your greatest assets — they have the ability to think strategically and provide greater value to the business. While there will always be production functions that must be managed by human hands, you can put their knowledge and skills to greater use for the business than in loading equipment hour after hour, day after day. This is where an automated parts solution can be beneficial.

Now is also the ideal time for your business to invest in changes that not only protect people but also make production more efficient. Businesses worldwide are continuing to emerge from the pandemic shutdown, and with demand beginning to pick back up, investing in automated parts solutions will ensure you’re in the best position to maximize revenue — even if business is less than or similar to demand levels prior to the shutdown. Let’s review a few key ways that automated parts solutions can handle the dirty, dangerous, and dull to make your business safer and more efficient.

1. They Keep Employees and Working Environments Clean

Loading parts into the various machines that comprise your production chain is a cumbersome task, and often, it’s extremely dirty. Components could be treated with chemicals or lubricants, or you may be loading in raw materials. Whatever the material may be, having employees handle parts manually can quickly create unsanitary conditions. While manual loading is always an option, automated parts feeders prevent people from coming into contact with these machines until it’s absolutely necessary.

Due to COVID-19, automated parts feeders also save people from handling parts multiple times and contributes to a safer, more sanitary working environment. Parts may eventually need to be handled manually, but well-implemented sanitization procedures can help to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. They Save Dangerous Tasks for Machines

Safety is a top concern for every manufacturing and material handling facility. Throughout the facility, there are countless ways for employees to hurt themselves using heavy equipment. By reserving parts loading and feeding for automated systems, such as robotic pick and place systems, the risk of an employee injuring a hand or limb, getting dust or other substances into their eyes or on their skin, and other potential safety incidents are all greatly reduced.

Of course, the machines themselves aren’t the only component of a well-defined safety policy. Proper signage and indicators, thorough safety and equipment training, incident response practices, and ongoing monitoring of safety in the workplace should all be utilized to keep workers safe in production-heavy environments. Safety managers and production managers are encouraged to factor their automated parts solutions into their safety strategy and incident reporting.

3. They Take Dull Tasks Off Employees’ Plates

While production environments are necessary for companies to create the products we all enjoy each and every day, the reality is that much of the work is monotonous. Skill is required at times, especially for repair and quality control, but thanks to automated parts solutions, production workers can be put to more effective use elsewhere rather than having them do the same tasks hour after hour, day after day.

This more effective use of talent and skill can make a significant impact on your bottom line, too. Your people make your company, and by allowing automated parts equipment to handle more simple and repetitive tasks, you gain their knowledge and insight into other areas of the business. Additionally, automated parts solutions mean you may not need to invest as heavily in labor, as the equipment can be programmed and monitored with a smaller team.

Invest in a Solution That Creates a Better Working Environment

At Feedall Automation, we’ve been designing, engineering, and supporting a variety of automated parts solutions for nearly 80 years. Every machine we produce is custom-built to your precise specifications and production needs, ensuring you not only improve productivity through superior equipment but that you also gain a best-in-class solution that takes automation to the next level.

For example, our various conveyors and orienting feeders begin with a standard construction that we then customize to your application needs. Machine speeds, part sizes, and feeding/escapement features are all modified to achieve your production goals. And of course, each machine comes with industry-leading support, repair, and even training services from our highly experienced team.

If you’ve been looking for a solution that not only helps you make strategic improvements in production but also factors your employees, safety, and more, our team is here to assist. The first step is to get in contact with our sales and engineering teams to discuss your application, part parameters, and overall production design. From there, we’ll quote a custom automated parts solution specifically for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our automated solutions and to get a quote.