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Bar & Shaft Feeders

Custom Machine Design for Bar & Shaft Feeders / Benefits of Bar & Shaft Feeders / Types of Customer Feeders

Custom Bar and Shaft Feeders

We are a problem-solving company. At Feedall Automation, we specialize in designing and engineering custom bar and shaft feeder solutions for your most complex part feeding needs. Our fully staffed, highly experienced engineering team has years of extensive hands-on experience in mechanical motion, complex and detailed machine design, and delivering robust, creative solutions.


For Your Benefit

Our in-house capabilities allow us to have complete control over custom parts-making and achieve cost savings you cannot get from an out-source only company. At Feedall, we pride ourselves in providing more than 90% of the value-added workmanship to all bar and shaft feeders. These in-house capabilities allow us to deliver premium bar and shaft feeder machines on-time and on budget.

Types of Custom Bar and Shaft Feeders

MODEL 1750
Small Diameter & Short Length

MODEL 1700
Magazine for Pick & Place

MODELS 1700 – 1775
Magazine Feeder

MODEL 2300
Thin Wall

MODELS 2212 – 2236
Auto Loaded Hopper

MODELS 2240 – 2270
Long Bar Feeders