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Basic Vibratory Conveyors



Vibratory Conveyors Deliver Unparalleled Versatility

At their core, basic vibratory conveyors consist of a pan, or trough, suspended on springs or mounted on a supporting frame, and use vibratory motion to transport parts, material, and components. The vibration’s frequency and amplitude can be adjusted to control the speed and volume of material flow.

The Pointer 1690 our basic vibratory conveyor model and an essential building block for many of our automated part feeding systems. Its versatility is infinite as the 1690 can be used to move almost any part, finished product, small component, or larger, heavier bars and billets. Adaptable to many applications, the Pointer 1690 is a reliable and effective part moving conveyor.

vibratory conveyors


Pointer 1690 vibratory conveyors are easy to install and use, quiet, have a low profile, and consume little power. The flatbed design offers a more gentle, non-marring method of moving parts, and with no end rollers they are simple to mount end to end for long applications.
As with all of our automation equipment, our vibratory feeders have many options and custom features to allow you to create an ideal conveyor solution that fits your needs and requirements. We offer a variety of sizes and surfaces and can even provide custom tooling for specific part profiles or orientations to ensure the moved parts hold their positioning or account for unusual or complex shapes.

We can develop material handling solutions from the vibrator conveyor framework; these can move rough elements from your environment such as scrap, debris, lathe chips, stamping press outfeeds, and more. We can implement custom curving for sections of the conveyor length, add backlights for functional flex feeding capabilities, and design multiple lane functionality.

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