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High Speed Part Feeders


1506, 1508, 1510

Bi-Flow Conveyor Design Ensures Fast Part Feeding

As part of our Husky series, Feedall Automation’s collection of bi-flow, or bidirectional, orienting conveyors provide rapid accumulation, sorting, and presenting of parts for the next stage of production. The dual-direction parts movement and modular design make the bi-flow conveyor a strong addition to any automated conveying system as it excels in space efficiency.

Parts are bulk loaded onto the feed conveyor in random orientations. Adjustable rails guide the parts into a single file stream, either diameter-to-diameter or end-to-end orientation. Any excess or incorrectly oriented parts fall back onto the feed conveyor’s return flow. The properly oriented parts continue on the orienting belt, passing through additional adjustable mechanical, electrical, or pneumatic orienting tools as needed to achieve the final desired orientation.

bi flow conveyor


The Husky 1500 series of bi-flow conveyors from Feedall add versatility and efficiency to your production line with high-speed feeding capabilities coupled with space-saving and gentle/non-marring parts feeding. Operating at lower noise levels than similar solutions, our bi-flow conveyor design is easily adjusted for various part size ranges and is capable of handling a wide array of part shapes—including rings, disks, shafts, cylinders, hubs, tubes, and many more. Parts are loaded into the bi-flow conveyor via tote pans, bulk floor hoppers, or other conveyors. The flexible application feeder design means the Husky 1500 is ideal for feeding a whole range of industrial applications, including centerless grinding, and quickly filling the queue for your robot-assisted production elements.

The bi-flow conveyor is available in three common models:

  • 1506 — Our smallest and most compact version (6 feet long)
  • 1508 — Our medium-sized bi-flow conveyor (8 feet long)
  • 1510 — The largest of our fast feeding conveyors (10 feet long)

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