Feed from a random loaded Bulk Feeding System, Constant Velocity Inner and Outer Race
Blanks. Bulk Feeding System will accept blanks from an existing parts washer and spill them
randomly onto the Bi-Directional Orienting Conveyor. Blanks will merge from the in-feed (load)
lane onto the orienting lane. Once oriented in a non-face-select, end-to-end stream, the blanks
will enter the Discharge Conveyor equipped with an air-operated escapement device. The parts
will be escaped one at a time into dual two pick-up stations. Once both pick-up stations have a
part, the conveyor will shut off for Vision Controlled Robotic pick-up and load into Coining Press.

Parts Fed (Size)

Contact Velocity Inner and Outer Race Blanks

Feed Rate

16 parts/minute