Feed from a manually loaded, floor mounted hopper, Agitator Shaft Blanks. Blanks will be loaded via drop bottom gondolas into the hopper via an air-operated tilting stand. The blanks will be elevated from the hopper via a cleated belt, carried over the top of the elevator and escaped onto a rear mounted, Cross-Feed Conveyor in a continuous, end-to-end stream. An air-operated transfer device will load one part at a time into the loading chute of a Multi-Spindle Chucker.


36” Wide Elevating Belt


3/4 HP/AC Motor w/Variable Speed Drive and Overload Relief Clutch
1/2 HP/AC Motor w/Variable Frequency Controller

Parts Fed (Size)

Agitator Shaft Blanks (0.75”Ø x 9”-16” Lg.)

Feed Rate

10 Parts/Minute