Feed from a random loaded, floor mounted hopper. The Steel Billets will be dumped from a tub (40” long x 32” wide-dump side x 40” tall) into a urethane lined vibratory metering hopper. Upon a signal these parts will then be metered into a vertical elevating hopper feeder (MODEL 4800) designed specifically to ONLY pick up your parts in the proper orientation WITH NO FALLBACK. Once loaded onto the belt the parts will be elevated then swept off the cleats onto a horizontal cross feed conveyor which will feed parts in a continuous end to end stream to a VIBRATORY track.


48” Wide Elevating Belt


2 HP/AC Motor

Parts Fed (Size)

Steel Billets (2.125”-4.00”Ø x 6.00”-20.00” Lg.)

Feed Rate

10 Parts/Minute