Feed from a manually stacked hopper. The shafts will be stacked diameter to diameter in the hopper. There will be a movable side plate within the hopper with quick release handles that will adjust for the variable lengths of the shafts. The shafts will be elevated out of the hopper one at a time and will be carried over the top of the elevator and discharged rolling onto a rear mounted discharge chute equipped with a high level control proximity switch. One shaft at a time will be escaped to a “V” where Feedall will qualify to one side for a customer supplied robot to pick up.


12” Wide Elevating Belt w/PVC Cleated Pads


1/4 HP/AC Motor

Parts Fed (Size)

Power Steering Input Shafts (0.50”-0.75”Ø x 4.00”-8.00” Lg.)

Feed Rate

1,200 Parts/Hour (20 Parts/Minute)