Tub & Box Dumper

Model HTD 3000/ 6000/ 8000

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Lifting and Tipping Equipment

Feedall Hydraulic Tub and Box Dumpers (HTD) can be directly integrated with Feedall elevating or hopper feeders or can stand alone feeding loading tables or vibratory bowls. We offer 180º roll-over tub dumpers or hydraulic floor loaded tub dumpers. These dumpers can be loaded with a tow lift or a hand truck from the front or side. Feedall has successfully delivered tub dumpers of all shapes and sizes up to a 10,000-pound capacity.

Box & Tub Dumpers rotate a loaded hopper with a square, rectangular, or octagonal container, to the required discharge height and dump angle of our customers. These dumpers utilize Duel Hydraulic Cylinders and Power Units to do the work needed to dump loads up to 8,000 pounds and heights up to 20 feet. A Feedall tub and box dumper is available in several models and has all the options to meet our customers’ needs and to keep production moving:

Additional Features:

  • Dump angles from 0 – 90°
  • Dump heights up to 40 feet
  • Capacities up to 8,000 pounds
  • Stationary and portable units
  • Hydraulic powered drives on portables
  • Safety enclosures
  • Discharge valves
  • Sideloading capabilities


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