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Exit Conveyor for Viking Grinder

Dual round belt conveyorModel 1670 Exit Conveyor for Centerless Grinder are specifically designed to mount to the grinder’s lower slide and exit parts to the front of the grinder for end feed applications. These conveyors are capable of feeding a variety parts.

Model 1670 Exit Conveyor for Centerless Grinder

Model 1650 Series Thru-Feed Conveyors

Model 1650 Thru-Feed Conveyors

Case Studies

SO18108 – Model 1500 Bi-Directional Orienting Conveyor
Accept steel sleeves from customer’s manually loaded totes at random onto a bi-directional conveyor. Tubes will merge from the in-feed (load) lane onto the orienting lane conveyor and discharged in a continuous, end-to-end stream to the workrest of a centerless grinder.