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Custom Solutions

Feedall offers integration of value added vendor components to provide complete systems. These include Tub Dumpers, Gondola Stands, Vibratory Metering Hoppers, Tilt Tables and Accumulators, as well as a host of other automation devices.

Selected Case Histories

#17389 – Model 1500 Feed System
In this application we were feeding Tubular slugs (.678” – 2.945”Ø x 1.925”- 4.87” Lg.) and solid steel pucks 2.00” – 3.125” by .943” – 2.79” thick. The Model 1500 Feed System is flexible and capable of feeding all kinds of parts. Unlike traditional parts feeders this feed system can not only handle tubular/solid slugs and pucks in the same feed system, it can handle them gently with no part fallback.

#17606 – Model 2000 Feeder for Centerless Grinding
In this application we were feeding rods to a centerless grinder. We used the detachable bases throughout the plant to load parts into from previous operations cutting down on the part handling.

#17609 – Model 1500 Feed System
Steel Strikers; Orienting Conveyor; Eddy Current Tester.

#17660 – Model 4800 “Billet” Feeders
Our billet feeders have handled billets up to 6” in diameter and lengths up to 30” long. Loading is no problem. Our billet feed systems can handle all kinds of different sizes and shapes. There is essentially no part recirculation and or fall back with this type of feed system. We provide a “metering” hopper that takes all the initial impact of a full dump, increasing the life of the feed system.

#17676 – Model 1500 Feed System
Bearing caps; Escapement 180 degree rotary device and part orientation sensor; Storage hopper. In this application we were feeding bearing caps to a machining operation. We were orienting these caps with the “nubs” up all one way, one at a time for robot loading.