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Exit conveyorsModel 1650 — Feedall conveyors offer entrance, intermediate and exit capabilities for a wide variety of machine tools and processes including centerless grinding, thread rolling, belt finishing, heat treating and assembly. Special design considerations allow these conveyors to operate in harsh environments (oily, chips, grinder swarf, etc.).

Model 1650 Thru-Feed Conveyors

Model 1650 Conveyors

Conveyors for Centerless Grinding – Model 1650


Case Studies

SO14415 – Model H4W-31-9 Cleated Horizontal Conveyor w/1650-1PB-72 Conveyor
Conveys steering racks to a Cincinnati centerless grinder.

SO15602 – Model 1650-1PB-72 Exit Conveyors
Conveys steel shafts from a centerless grinder and cam-off into a storage tray for operator pick-up.

SO17734 – Model 1650-1PB-84 Exit Conveyor
Conveys carbide blanks from the workrest of a Landis Viking centerless grinder.

SO17772 – Model 1650-1PB-144 Exit Conveyor
Conveys steering rack blanks to the workrest of a Cincinnati Model 350-20 AE centerless grinder.

SO17857 – Model 1650-1PB-36 Exit Conveyor
Conveys agitator shafts from a centerless grinder to a cam-off accumulation ramp.

SO18008 – Model 1650-1PB-72 Exit Conveyor
Conveys universal joint bearing cups from the workrest of a Cincinnati Model 340-20 centerless grinder. Conveyor is equipped with special air-operated, diverter device to transfer out of spec product into a reject container.