ConveyorsModel 1650 Thru-Feed Conveyors offer infeed and exit capabilities for complete automated shaft feed systems. They handle parts quickly and smoothly from one work station to the next.  A 1650 is used in many different applications such as: infeed, intermediate, and exit conveying for centerless grinding, thread rolling, belt finishing, heat treating, assembly, and many other machine operations. These conveyers can be paired with Feedall magazine and hopper feeders to provide a complete automatic feed system.

Model 1650 Series Thru-Feed Conveyors

Model 1650 Thru-Feed Conveyors

Model 1500 Dual Lane Orienting Conveyors — designed for gentle/non-mar orienting and non-orienting parts feeding. This feeder is easily adjusted for various part size ranges. Part shapes may be disc, ring, cylindrical, shaft type, solid or tubular. Parts are loaded from tote pans, bulk floor metering hoppers or by conveyors from a previous operation. These conveyors may be used to feed grinders, selective induction hardeners, thread rollers, forging and extrusion presses, assembly machines and many other parts feeding applications.

Model 1500 Dual Lane Orienting Conveyors