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Pucks and Slugs

Billet feeders for pucks and slugsModel 1500 is Feedall’s feed systems for pucks and slugs. The 1500 is extremely flexible and capable of feeding a wide range of parts.  Unlike traditional parts feeders, this feed system can handle tubular/solid slugs and pucks in the same feed system. The parts are handled gently with no part fallback.

Model 1500 Feed System for Pucks and Slugs

Model 1500 Series Bidirectional Orienting Conveyor


Case Studies

SO17605 – Model 1500 Bi-Directional Orienting Conveyor w/3,000# Vibratory Metering Hopper, TC-38-84-3,000# Hydraulic Tub Dumper & GLH-3.5-4 Exit Conveyor
Feeds parts from a random loaded floor mounted hopper. The parts are then be metered from a vibratory hopper on demand and spilled at random onto a bi-directional feed conveyor. The parts merge from the infeed conveyor lane onto the orienting conveyor lane and exit in a continuous end-to-end stream to an automatic, air operated slug pusher device. The pusher device loads one slug at a time into an air-operated rotary actuator equipped with a pneumatic gripper. The rotary actuator will present the slug with axis vertical with the bottom of the slug.