Billet feederFeedall’s billet feeders have handled billets up to 6″ in diameter and lengths up to 30″ long. Loading — no problem! Feedall can provide an optional Hydraulic gon dumper or a mechanical 180 degree rollover dumper, the choice is yours! Our billet feed systems can handle all kinds of different sizes and shapes. There is essentially no part recirculation or fall back with this type of feed system. Feedall provides a metering hopper that takes all the initial impact of a full dump, increasing the life of the feed system. If you are handling billets of any size and require a feed system Feedall has your parts feeding problem handled. We have been providing parts feeding solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations since 1946. Contact one of our Sales Staff at 800-942-8101. We look forward to the opportunity to show you how we can not only solve your parts feeding problems but more importantly, increase your bottom line!

Model 1700/2400-3000 Series Feeders for Forging

Billet Feeders