Feedall Reaching for its Full Potentential

Last month, I had the absolute privilege of attending two graduation ceremonies.  I was totally inspired at these ceremonies . . . not just with the messages from the faculty, but by the speeches of the students.  The 14-year-old graduating 8th graders shared with the audience their perspectives on life, goals and their future aspirations.  One common theme came through in these speeches – – – we all have to try to reach our “full potential in life”.  I love this message and I have stolen it to use with our team at Feedall.  (I also, think message also resonates with the most recent win with the US women’s world cup win.)

Over the past two years, we have made significant investments and changes to help reach our full potential for our customers.  In our e-Newsletter’s you will find us highlighting some of these accomplishments and share how these changes are driving better customer support, improved services, and more technological products which ultimately will provide a world class customer experience.  In our July e-Newsletter (sign up to receive these) we share with you some of the new talent we have added to our engineering staff this year and our summer intern from Brazil.  One of the most exciting changes we have just introduced is a refreshed website.  We spent 8 months interviewing customers to understand the journey they undergo when managing a project and purchasing one of our Feeders.  With this information, we have added over 350 case studies to help them better understand the types of applications and the solutions we have provided with our equipment.  We aim to be a solution provider to our current & new customers and we have developed a website with them in mind.

So, a big thanks to the students that stood up and shared their perspectives on wanting to reach their full potential.  It has inspired me as well as our team as we continue to strive for ways to reach our full potential for our customers.


Jon Cocco – CEO