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For 70 year Feedall has focused on feeding parts, it’s what we do. We have the expertise to move, lift, orient, deliver, convey and transfer billets, bars, pucks and tubes and so much more.

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Feedall At IMTS
Visit Royal Master Grinder Booth #N6646
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Feedall 1680 with RMG #TG-12x8

Feedall 1680 with RMG #TG-12×8

Feedall has been tapped by Royal Master Grinder to provide entrance and exit conveyors for it’s Model TG-12×8 Thrufeed Microsize machine at IMTS booth #N6646.

Feedall Model 1680 is a versatile conveyor that comes several styles including entrance, exit and intermediate for thru-feed centerless grinders. This model is ideal for feeding, transferring and removing cylindrical parts in an oriented fashion. The 8mm diameter dual round belts can cover overall conveyor lengths ranging from 36″ to 180″ with speeds of 1 to 45 feet per minute. All 1680s come with a variable frequency drive and have a black oxide finish.

Entrance conveyor can be hand or automatically loaded, providing a continuous flow of parts to the grinder. The exit conveyor will move the parts out of grinder and may either transfer them to another process or accumulate them on an optional tray. Additional options include mounting brackets, floor stands, drip pans, side/top guides and diverters.

The duel belt design has all the benefits of a flat belt conveyor plus more! The multi-belt conveyor allows coolant, lubricants and metal chips to escape back into the machine and not onto the floor. The low profile side rails let this unit fit into the tightest spaces. So whether you are feeding parts into a grinder or lathe the Feedall 1680 is right for you!

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Feedall Model 1680

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Tom Manley
Tom Manley Engineering Manager

Tom Manley has been with Feedall in various roles for much of his career. Tom started as an apprentice draftsman from 1979 until 1986 and returned for another 8 years in 1990 as a project designer. Back since 2010, Tom is Feedall’s Engineering and Manufacturing Manager.

Mr. Manley is a life long northeast Ohio resident and has worked for several local companies during his Feedall hiatuses, including Automated Packaging and Fusion. While employed by Ranpak, Tom received several U.S. patent awards for design.


Tom and his wife Julaine have been married for 23 years and together have three children ranging in age from 14 to 19.


Call on Tom Manley at 800-942-8101 or tmanley@feedall.com for all of your Feedall design questions!

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