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We Feed Parts!

For 70 year Feedall has focused on feeding parts, it’s what we do. We have the expertise to move, lift, orient, deliver, convey and transfer billets, bars, pucks and tubes and so much more.

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Feedall Hopper Feeders
The Industry Standard Since 1946
Feedall designs and manufactures a complete line of hopper feeders which offer automatic handling of sliding, rolling or hanging parts. These feeders may be used with a wide variety of processes including grinders, presses, machining equipment and more.

Feedall feeders serve as a link between consecutive machine stations. This link cuts operating costs by eliminating expensive hand labor to manually feed and orient the parts between stations. The reduction in man hours directly corresponds to greater productivity.

The following six features are common to all Feedall’s and provide you with maximum productivity.

1. Proper Part Delivery – Parts are oriented and placed in a chute with the right or left hand take off or two track delivery.

2. Custom Elevators – Cleat height and spacing on elevators are designed to the size of the parts being fed. Chutes, wearstrips, cleats and tooling are hardened for extra long service.

3. Adjustable Elevation – Heights of the elevator tower may be varied to suit the application. Extra high discharge heights are available.

4. Tooling Plate – This feature controls the rate at which the parts fall into the hopper.

5. Speed Control Feed rate is determined by the speed of the elevating conveyor, which has a self contained variable drive.

6. Custom Designed Accessories – Automatic bank controls, air operated devices, diverters, timing controls and other special equipment may be added with new tooling designs.

Contact Feedall today to learn how a Hopper Feeder can streamline your production line! Call 1-800-942-8101 or submit your RFQ and upload your part pdfs through our website.

June 2016

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Staff Spotlight

Randy Sparks Sales Manager

Randy Sparks is Feedall’s Sales Manager. Randy has been with us since 1994. He spent two years as a Project Designer before moving into the Sales Manager position in 1996.

Randy was born and raised in Carthage, Missouri and graduated from Missouri Southern State University with a BS in Business Management.

Randy relocated to Northeast Ohio in 1983 for a job opportunity and met his future bride, Gerry.

They have been married for 26 years and together have five beautiful daughters ranging in age from 13 to 23.

Call on Randy Sparks at 800-942-8101 for all of your Feedall inquiries!

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