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Feedall Website Renovated

Feedall recently unveiled its newly redesigned website.  This fresh new look makes viewing and navigating the Feedall webpage on mobile devices better than ever.


The site still has your favorite features such as the Find-a-Feedall tool, slide show and project profiles with case studies.  New features include the Meet Feedall video and the capability to upload PDFs with your request for quote.


Visit the Feedall website from any device to see what’s new!

Rebuild – Retool – Replace:
Feedall’s 3 R’s Revisited

Rebuilt & Retooled
Do you have an existing Feedall unit in your facility?  Does it need a major overhaul? Do you want to run a new part?  Do you wish you had a newer model?  Consider one of the Feedall 3 R’s.
Rebuild:  Have us quote to rebuild your existing Feedall, then send your machine to the factory for a face lift.  Feedall will take your older unit and update it with new components and a fresh coat of paint. It will run and look like new!
Retool/Repurpose:  Your existing feeder was designed to feed a specific set of parts, but did you know Feedall can design and provide new tooling for your machine to accommodate new part sizes or shapes?  Our engineers will evaluate your current equipment and design new tooling to meet your new requirements.  Installation service may also be provided.  Contact our offices for specific options and pricing.
Replace:  If you want to update your equipment to the most current Feedall designs and components you should consider replacing your feeder.  We have a wide range of styles and models so visit our or call our sales team to get started.
Whether you decide to rebuild, retool or replace, know that our engineering and sales staff are here to provide the best solutions to your needs.  Contact us today at 1-800-942-8101 for more information.

March 2016
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Staff Spotlight

Kyle Reese


Kyle Reese is the newest addition to the Engineering staff at Feedall.


Kyle studied Mechanical Engineering at Pittsburgh Technical Institute and has 10 years of experience in his field.


A lifelong northeast Ohio resident, Kyle recently started his own family.  Kyle has a lovely wife and a super cute 18 month old daughter, both of which  help keep him in line!

Kyle’s spare time is spent working on custom vehicles and attending car shows.


When you need expert advice on your parts handling dilemma call  1-800-942-8101

and ask for Kyle Reese!


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