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New Hydraulic Dumper Designs

Feedall will soon be introducing two new hydraulic dumper models.

The Model 5300 will have a capacity rating of 3000# and the Model 5600 will have a capacity rating of 6000#. Each unit will have two different dump height positions. Tub size design is pending.

Keep an eye on this publication and the Feedall website for further details on these exciting new products.

A Perfect Pair: Model 4800 & Dumper

MachineThe Feedall Model 4800 with a hydraulic dumper make the perfect pair! Using a dumper will eliminate the heavy lifting of loading your parts into a hopper.

This system feeds cylindrical parts with diameter ranges within a 2:1, length to diameter, ratio. The 4800 is designed for higher feed rates and gentle handling of parts with lower noise levels due to minimal part recirculation.

  • The 4800 standard features include:
  • 48″ wide elevating belt
  • 48″ wide hopper
  • 20 cubic foot capacity
  • Model 1650 conveyor
  • 60″ discharge height
  • Modifications to standard design available

This system is perfect for feeding centerless grinders, thread rollers, induction heaters and much more.

View a 4800 in action. This video clip shows a hydraulic tub dumper, vibratory metering hopper, the 4800 and 1650 units to provide a complete system.

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Staff Spotlight

 Staff Spotlight:


Al DeCola  


 Al DeCola
Lead Machinist


With nearly 40 years at Feedall, Al DeCola is an expert on our feeders and their components.


Mr. DeCola is a life long Northeast Ohio resident. He has two children and 1 grandchild. His son is an active duty US Army Ranger paramedic in Germany, after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Al takes great pride in his work. So rest assured, that your order is being manufactured efficiently, accurately and on time by Mr. DeCola and the Feedall staff.


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