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Are you hand feeding parts into your centerless grinder?
Are you tired of the heavy lifting?  Feedall has the solution!  
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Manual Loaded Hopper

Centerless Grinding Solutions

Feedall produces a wide variety of parts feeding equipment, designed by an industry leader with decades of knowledge.  Your success and profitability is directly related to your ability to produce quality parts faster and safer at the lowest cost possible. A Feedall feeder can work 24/7 with speed and accuracy.  Our machines are built to last and can be modified to accommodate new operations and parts. 
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Project Spotlight: Feeding a Centerless

Feedall recently designed and manufactured a three (3) conveyor system to mate with a centerless grinder line.

The project conveyed steering racks from a manually loaded tray to the workrest of a centerless grinder.  The system included three (3) Feedall 1650 conveyors; including entrance and exit style conveyors for input and output of the centerless grinder.  Features included quick adjusting guide rails that require no tools for part diameter changes, removable side plates for easy internal part replacement, a variable frequency drive, a load ramp featuring an automatic air operated escapement device, an air operated pinch wheel to aid the parts over the workrest into the grinding wheels and floor stands.  The parts were fed with a belt speed range of 1 to 50 feet per minute.

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September 2014

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Centerless Grinding Solutions
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Feedall’s 3 R’s

 Feedall’s 3 R’s

Rebuild, Retool, Replace     



REBUILD: Older units can be updated with new components and a fresh coat of paint to run and look like new.



RETOOL:  Have a new part you would like to run in your existing Feedall unit? Our engineers will evaluate your current equipment and design the new tooling needed to meet your needs.



REPLACE: Whether you require spare parts or a whole new unit our engineering and sales staff will be there to quote the right item for the job!
Call today to discuss which of Feedall’s 3 R’s is right for you! 

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