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Billet feeder

We Feed Parts…
of all Sizes and Shapes

Feeding billets, bars, pucks or tubes?
A Feedall feeder will work for you!

For nearly 70 years, Feedall has focused on feeding parts of all sizes and shapes. Parts feeding and conveying is what we do. Feedall has the expertise to move, lift, orient, deliver, convey and transfer your parts efficiently through your production line.

Click this link to go to Find-a-Feedall. There you may enter the part you want to feed and receive details on the Feedall model that will meet your application needs.

Spotlight: Automate CNC Turning Centers  

Feedall recently manufactured two Model 2500 feeders. Both projects fed blanks from a random loaded, floor mounted hopper and elevated them with a 12″ wide cleated belt. The blanks were oriented with face select orientation, in a continuous, diameter to diameter stream to an air operated escapement device. The parts were then released one part at a time to the customers’ loading devices.

The first unit, a Model 2500-C, fed Forged Gear Blanks onto a horizontal conveyor with the hub down for a gantry pick off by the customer’s OKUMA Dual Spindle CNC Lathe. For photos, floor plans and additional details click SO#18052.

The second unit, a Model 2500-D, fed Forged Pinion Blanks with the axis vertical into the customer’s loading device on a MURATA Model MW50 CNC Turning Center. For photos, floor plans and additional details click SO#18911.

See a Feedall in Action!

hopper feeder
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March 2015

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We Feed Parts
Spotlight: Automate CNC
Turning Centers

 Feedall 3 R’s

Versatile – Flexible – Reliable 


VERSATILE: Our product line of automatic feeding machines can fill nearly any application need. Hopper feeders with optional orienting devices can handle a variety of sliding, rolling, headed and handing parts. Choose a bar feeder for cylindrical parts or add a thru-feed conveyor for a complete system. Feedall equipment is perfect for feeding grinders, presses, forging and other processing equipment.


FLEXIBLE: The Feedall engineering design team can modify standard designs to meet precise application requirements. Our feeders can be adapted to handle almost any production part imaginable.


RELIABLE: Every unit we design is made with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. Each Feedall is factory tested using customer parts in order to guarantee precise, reliable performance.


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