February 2013 Newsletter

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Feeder News & Solutions February, 2013 
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I hope that you and your business are doing well. 


Watch for our ad in the January/February issue of Forging magazine just in time for the  2013 FORGE FAIR.


We also continue to play a key role in the CENTERLESS GRINDER industry.   Check out our website for updates and videos.  


With more than 66 years in business, we have customized feeders and conveyors for just about every industry and application.


Please call or email us with any questions. We look forward to working with you to develop the most productive and cost-efficient solution available! 


Roger Winslow, Jr., President 



FEEDERS IN ACTION – “How It’s Made” – Discovery /Science Channel episode/Youtube Videos


Watch the FEEDALL Model 2236 in action in the YouTube video Discovery / Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Pliers episode, click here.


Also see the Haven Manufacturing Corp. Model 

BI-DIRECTIONAL ORIENTING CONVEYOR#922 End Finisher integrated with our FEEDALL Model 1500 feeder.  Steel tubes are fed from customer’s bins at random onto a bi-directional feed conveyor. Tubes merge from the load lane onto the orienting land conveyor in an end-to-end stream. Tubes are then transferred one at a time to a customer-supplied input chute 50″ from the floor. The feed rate is 20-30 parts/minute.  Click here for video.   


 FEEDALL solutions are designed and engineered for increased productivity, a more stabilized & safe process, and added profitability. 

  • Rebuild
    Older units can be evaluated and updated with new components. A fresh coat of paint can make your old feeder seem like new.
  • Retool
    New tooling can be designed for existing units. If you have a new part you wish to feed just supply us a sample. Our engineers will evaluate your current equipment and design new tooling to accommodate your request.