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Are you hand feeding parts into your forge?
Are you tired of the heavy lifting?  Feedall has the solution!  
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Billet feeder

Forging Solutions

Feedall produces a wide variety of billet feeders to meet the forging industry’s needs. These models can feed billets with 4″-6″ diameter and up to 30″ in length with minimal part recirculation.  

Feedall has manually loaded units designed with easy access doors at ergonomic load heights.  Our auto- and random loaded feeders can be paired with a drop bottom tub, hydraulic tub dumper or a roll over dumper to eliminate the heavy lifting. 

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Spotlight: Feed an Induction Heater/Forging Press  

Feedall recently completed a project designed to feed an Inter-Power Induction Heater.  The unit fed sheared steel bars between 8″ – 18″ long.  The parts were fed from a random loaded, floor mounted hopper.  Once loaded, the bars were elevated from the hopper via a cleated belt and deposited onto a rear mounted accumulation ramp.  An air operated escapement device then loaded one part at a time into a pusher device (customer supplied) feeding the induction heater.

See a Feedall in Action!

hopper feeder
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December 2014

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Forging Solutions
Project Spotlight
Rebuild – Retool – Replace

 Feedall 3 R’s

Rebuild – Retool – Replace 


REBUILD: Older units can be updated with new components and a fresh coat of paint to run and look like new.


RETOOL: Have a new part you would like to run in your existing Feedall unit? Our engineers will evaluate your current equipment and design the new tooling needed to meet your needs.


REPLACE: Whether you require spare parts or a whole new unit our engineering and sales staff will be there to quote the right item for the job!


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Feedall’s 3 R’s
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