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Since 1946, Feedall Incorporated has provided the most advanced line of non-vibratory parts feeding systems available. We produce a wide variety of parts feeding solutions and have been an industry leader for decades.

Your success and profitability is directly related to your company's ability to produce quality parts faster and safer at the lowest cost possible. Unlike manual labor, our feeders can work 24/7 with speed and accuracy.

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Featured: Thin Wall Tube Feeder

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Model 2300 Elevating Hopper Feeder — Feedall designs and manufactures a complete line of hopper feeders which offer automatic handling of sliding, rolling or headed parts. The automatic hopper feeders are used with all types of grinders, presses, machining equipment and special machines. The automatic feeding process is proven to be more cost effective by eliminating expensive hand labor of feeding and saving time lost by handling parts manually.

SOLUTIONS at Find-a-Feedall

Enter your part or machine fed and see the Feedall solution!

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FEEDALL on Discovery Channel

This YouTube video from the Discovery/Science Channel's "How It's Made" Pliers episode features a FEEDALL Model 2236!

Haven End Finisher with Model 1500 FEEDALL

Haven Manufacturing Corp. Model #922 End Finisher integrated with our Model 1500 feeder.

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Project Details
Feeds steel tubes from customer's bins at random onto a bi-directional feed conveyor. Tubes merge from the load lane onto the orienting land conveyor in an end-to-end stream. Tubes are then transfered one at a time to a customer-supplied input chute 50" from the floor. The feed rate is 20-30 parts/minute.

Manufacturing Stability in the Face of Change

Stability in the face of change is at the core of Feedall’s endurance and success...

Like father, like son - The News-Herald

Roger Winslow Jr. of Feedall Inc. is following his father's path–leading the company after decades of learning all of its ins and outs...

Willoughby’s Feedall Launches New Product

For 66 years, Willoughby-based Feedall Automation has designed and built all types of mechanical conveyors and feeders that move parts from one machine to another…..

Feedall, Inc. - 65 Years - Improving customers' productivity and increasing profits
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